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Plan a Pet Nat picnic

Although Labor Day weekend is now behind us, there's still plenty of time to enjoy the great outdoors... plus some Pet Nat! Over the last few years, my favorite happy hour setting has transitioned from bars to outdoor locations (parks, beaches, and other green spaces). This can probably be explained by a few things: 1) I’m getting older and less tolerant of crowded, loud spaces; and 2) I’m extremely fortunate to live in the Bay Area, where despite my regular complaining about Karl the Fog and lack of summer, it’s pretty damn beautiful most of the year. I love hiking and biking to get fresh air and exercise - but one of the things I most look forward to is opening a crisp summit beer to hydrate at either the midpoint or endpoint of these outdoor adventures :) 

Since many of us will likely be limiting most of our social activities to the outdoors for at least the rest of 2020, this topic is even more important: What makes a good outdoor beverage?

1- It’s not a dealbreaker if it’s not at a specific temperature: sure, sometimes you can pack a cooler or other gadget to perfectly chill your bottle, but best to bring a bottle that doesn’t require this.

2- It’s approachable: unless you want to ensure you have the whole bottle to yourself (no judgement), this probably isn’t the time to go for the most experimental/funky bottle. Stick with something that is fun, but easy to drink.

3- It’s easy to open: raise your hand if you can remember a time you brought a delicious bottle somewhere and then realized you didn’t have a corkscrew 🙋🏼‍♀️ Luckily, Pet Nat crown caps mean you just need a simple bottle opener. There are also some producers experimenting with pet nat in a can!

Pet Nats in particular are a great option for social gatherings - refreshing bubbles and with their lower alcohol content, there’s less risk of feeling a little too tipsy after a few pours. Here are 3 bottles we recommend for your next outdoor happy hour or adventure:

1- Denny Bini Spuma Vino Frizzante - this is a great bottle to share with someone who is new to Pet Nat. It has a beautiful grapefruit orange/pink color with citrus and floral notes on the palette.

2- Old Westminster Pet Nat/Piquette - It’s really hard to choose just one so we’re going to cheat and recommend any of their pet nats or piquettes. We love their orange pet nat and their “take it easy” piquette rose is perfect for when you’re in a fruitier mood with strawberry kiwi notes. They also have some options in cans that we can’t wait to try.

3- Swick Some Told World Roll - looking for something a little more adventurous to swap for a day of drinking rose with friends? This is easy drinking, crisp with minimal funk. Bonus points for the cheeky labels.


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