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Surlie Guide: Date/Self-Love Night

Somehow the first month of 2021 is already behind us. Which also means Valentines/Galentines/Singles Appreciation day is quickly approaching! As always, we aim to take the frustration out of selecting and buying wines... plus provide you ideas on how to make the most of these fun and delicious bubbles. So here are our recommendations for wine and food pairings to treat yourself or send to a loved one!

The wine(s): Cote West or Birichino (Wildfire Relief Collection)

The pairing: spicy takeout from a local restaurant

Something about these cider-y Pet Nats make us crave one of two things: 1) a hearty charcuterie/cheese board or 2) a big bowl of something spicy. Since we're all about supporting local restaurants during these tough times, let's go for the latter here. Some specific ideas: Thai red curry vegetables, Tikka Masala, or Mapo Tofu. If you're look for some takeout recommendations for your city, we highly recommend The Infatuation.  

The wine: Kobza (Celebrate Collection)

The pairing: homemade pizza or pasta 

Perhaps because we drank copious amounts of Kobza during the holidays, something about this wine just puts us in the mood for a comforting home cooked meal. For us, that often means Italian - perhaps a bowl of bolognese, some pesto pasta, or a homemade margherita pizza with our favorite cornmeal crust.

The wine: La Grange Tiphaine (Embark Collection)

The pairing: oysters, caviar, or takeout sashimi

Sometimes you're in the mood for something funky and adventurous and sometimes you just want something clean and reliable. La Grange Tiphaine, reminiscent of a vintage blanc de blancs champagne, is perfect for the latter when you're feeling a little fancy. Who doesn’t love a champagne experience for half the price? If you're look for some high quality seafood in the Bay Area, check out Water 2 Table.



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