It is bittersweet to share that we have decided to wind down Surlie. Thank you for the support and email with any questions.

Surlie Guide: Game Night!

As we approach almost a full year of pandemic-life, most of us have hit a wall and need ideas to stay sane during the second phase of stay at home orders.  Feeling stuck in a rut with your current routine of Zoom happy hours/parties, puzzles, board games, movie nights? Here are some ideas ideas to take your next game night to the next level!

When you want to please a crowd: True Gamine + Trivial Pursuit

We love that Trivial Pursuit has a low barrier to entry (and exit). Everyone and anyone can play. Similarly, the True Gamine from our Embark collection is a crowd pleaser all around - for beer drinkers, for champagne snobs, or anyone who appreciates a crisp effervescent beverage.

When you're in an intellectual/pensive mood: Kobza + Scrabble

This Kobza Riesling from our Celebrate collection is thought-provoking and sure to stimulate your mind to find the perfect scrabble play: crisp and refreshing enough to fit the bill when you want something lighter and also layered and complex enough to wake your palate up and cut through fat in food (like starches, cheese, fish) if you need it to.  

When you're feeling adventurous: Furlani + Clue 

Need a temporary escape from reality? Take on the character of Miss Scarlett while sipping on a full-bodied rosso from Italy. Sadly, we are sold out of our Explore collection, but we'll have some fun similar wines coming soon!


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