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Navigate the Wild and Wonderful World of Pet Nat with our New Profile Map!

There's a Pet Nat for everyone: whether you're a champagne snob, a kombucha enthusiast, or you love 99 cent mimosas. 

One of our primary goals at Surlie is to help people navigate the exciting (but sometimes overwhelming) category of Pétillant Naturel. There can be a lot of variation in style and flavor profile for this type of bubbly that's made with minimal intervention. While this is part of what makes the category so interesting, it can also be frustrating when you find yourself in the mood for something specific, only to find yourself opening a bottle of something very different: it's Sunday afternoon and you're craving something light and easy-drinking and you end up with an ultra funky bottle. No bueno.

In addition to traditional tasting notes, we try to set expectations through comparisons, suggested pairings, and activities. Although there is some inherent subjectivity here, we created the first edition of a Surlie Pet Nat Profile Map to characterize the wild and wonderful world of Pet Nat.


And here's an example of how one of us (Sarah) would classify some of the wines in our collections:


Do you agree? Disagree? How would you categorize different types of Pet Nat Comment below or get in touch (!

And if you're looking for a way to experience a wide variety of Pet Nat bottles, check out our Escape to Italy collection!


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