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Event Recap: A Taste of Italy with Whit and Wine

Last month, Phoebe (aka our resident Surlie Wine Expert) hosted a class with Whitney Pope of Whit + Wine featuring our Escape to Italy Collection. For those of you suffering from Zoom fatigue, here's a taste of what we learned and discussed... 

  • A unique production method - traditionally, the first fermentation makes the wine and the second fermentation makes the bubbles in two distinct processes. But not with Pet Nat! Read more about the unique aspects of Pet Nat here.
  • Grapes and the dirty dozen - although we primarily love Pet Nat for its delicious and unique flavor profiles, another appealing factor is that it is produced with minimal intervention. This is especially important given that grapes are part of the dirty dozen, a list of fruits and vegetables that are contaminated with more pesticides than other crops.
  • Sparkling wine for the people - Whitney described winemakers as "fancy farmers." Pet Nat is what they would drink themselves, hence the unpretentious and fun personality that paves the way for equally fun pairings... like pizza and BBQ with the Fongoli Rosato. Check out our past guides for food and activity pairing ideas.
  • There's a story behind every bottle - after hearing more about the story of rebel winemaker Giovanni Menti, one of our attendees remarked that he liked the wine even more :) Stay tuned for an interview with Stefano Menti!
  • Drink what makes you happy - sometimes we describe Pet Nat as "joy in a bottle." A few words that come to mind: thought-provoking, surprising, artisanal, playful, colorful, unpretentious, authentic, handmade, raw, rustic, lively. And this all makes us happy. Ultimately, you should drink what makes YOU happy - even if that's Yellowtail, we promise not to judge :)

We still have a few Escape to Italy Collections left. Don't miss out!

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