It is bittersweet to share that we have decided to wind down Surlie. Thank you for the support and email with any questions.

Surlie Gift Guide!

The holidays are weird this year, but there’s still room to celebrate and connect with our loved ones, even if it’s not in person. We created our new Celebrate collection to introduce a little extra cheer to this strange year. It features easy-drinking and shareable bottles; think your favorite bubbly with a little extra flair. They'll instantly put you in a good mood and you might find yourself opening a second bottle before you know it. 

And there's more! Our club and individual collections are all great options for the wine lovers in your life. Not only are you gifting delicious bubbles, you’re supporting a small business and passionate winemakers who put their hearts and souls into their product. 

We created this guide to help you navigate our collections and give you ideas for other products that will make a perfect pairing. Bonus: check out what's on our list for Santa at the end!

The bubbly enthusiast: Surlie Club

"I only drink Champagne on two occasions, when I am in love and when I am not." Our club is for your friend who has adopted this famous Coco Chanel quote as their life motto :) They’ll get 4 bottles of delicious bubbles, shipped quarterly without any thought or work on their end!

Gift pairing idea: some modern glassware to match their fun new  bubbly

Your parents or friends who need to spice up their boring wine routine: Embark

We all know someone who enjoys wine, but is perhaps not inclined to venture outside of their Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Cab, Pinot Noir comfort zone. Embark is our “intro to Pet Nat” collection that features easy-drinking approachable bubbles. La Grange Tiphaine in particular is a great bottle to get someone started.

Gift pairing idea: some cozy loungewear or cookies so they can be comfortable while getting out of their wine comfort zone.

The world travelerExplore

Have a friend or family member who is a jetsetter under normal circumstances? Our Explore collection can help them mentally escape, while sipping on delicious bubbles from France, Italy, and Spain. 

Gift pairing ideas: a local cheese/charcuterie delivery (e.g. La Fromagerie in SF, Che Fico Salumi Set), cookbook or  virtual cooking class

Bonus: The Surlie team's list for Santa

Wine + accessories

Tasting and cooking classes

Books and other reading material

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