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It all started in a Palo Alto garage...

It is shockingly difficult to select a bottle of Pet Nat with a reasonable price : quality ratio. The wine industry can be a particularly frustrating one and if you know me well, you’ve heard me belabor the long list of reasons why. About a month into The Great Quarantine of 2020, Larissa and Sarah called me and said “we want to do something in wine” - meaning, create something that would fill a need in the market while keeping us entertained outside of our day jobs. After expressing how much they love natural wine, we mulled it over for a couple of weeks and determined that product accessibility and information were the two primary issues we wanted to solve for. 

There’s no shortage of delicious grape-based beverages to choose from and plenty of ways to access them. But if you don’t know much about wine, or anything at all, how do you know where to start on a website or in a store with 500 or 1,000 selections? Now that more of us are shopping online than ever before, how do you know if you can trust the source you’re buying from? 

So, perhaps you search for professional or user reviews. However, when a wine critic slaps a “good” (relative term) score on a bottle of wine, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll like it. The numerical score system is imperfect for a variety of reasons and rarely are wines described in layman’s terms. I've been working in this industry for 10 years and I still don't think I could tell you how notes of hummus present in wine.

To reduce the effort required of you, we’ve done the hunting for you and significantly narrowed down the options to some of the highest-quality Pet Nats out there. Our 3 unique parcels are curated by flavor profile and described in ways that you can understand (no prior wine knowledge required). To provide some sense of security and reliability for you, we’ve reviewed every wine with zero financial incentive attached and intertwined personal accountability into our business model. To give you some brain food, we’ve extensively researched every bottle and packaged the interesting, relevant bits into a comprehensive, digestible format appropriate for the 21st century and your busy life. 

In-depth information about a specific Pet Nat is often difficult to find. What a shame, since that makes it harder for you to understand why you really like a certain producer or bottle. We’re focusing on Pet Nat because it’s absolutely delicious. In my humble opinion it’s an under-appreciated style of wine even though it’s such a crowd-pleaser. It’s perfect for beer drinkers who don’t love wine and it’s ideal for wine lovers who don’t drink beer. It’s great for family dinners, casual picnics with friends, or no food at all. It’s easy to share but not terrible if you finish a bottle yourself thanks to the lower alcohol content and minimal or no intervention winemaking (that means little or no addition of things like sulfites, sugars, prefabricated color and tannin, etc.). Pet Nat has long been popular among the industry crowd and we think it’s high time for everyone else to see what all the fuss is about.

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